Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tuneful Tuesday...on Wednesday

I never claimed procrastination wasn't my strong suit ;)  This is definitely an OLDIE, but has an amazing beat for running. I hadn't thought about this song in a long time until I was reviewing Matthew's itunes downloads (I like to make sure it's all nice and clean...he's 12) and saw it there, ha ha! If nothing else, the wii and Rock Band have introduced a new generation to a whole lot of great songs from MY generation!


Speaking of living on a prayer, I think I was definitely saying some at this point in Saturday's race (this was actually not to far from the start judging by the lighthouse- prob. about 1km or so in?)

 I'm bib #2827 in the burgundy shirt

Today I am spinning and doing some treadmill running as warmup/cooldown. Then Leah and I have a million errands to run. Cleaned my oven yesterday, so I am still riding a wave of feeling productive, ha ha.


Kovas said...

Love that sideways glance! The weather looks a bit miserable.

Emz said...

Living on a prayer.

One. Of. The. Best. Songs. Ever.

Love the photo!!

Emz said...

Thank you for NOT having word verification!!

Chris K said...

Hi Kristin, I'm with Kovas, great glance. Thanks for your comment and visits to my Blog. Just FYI, after you do your 1st half, then a full, then try to BQ, you should know that you actually get a 59 seconds margin. So my BQ time of 3:30 is actually 3:30:59.