Friday, February 11, 2011


Start off by embarrassing myself with a couple more race photo's from Saturday's 5k (I'm in the black pants/burgundy shirt)
This is near the end- can't remember if this was the bar, but one of them at the end had a tray with the little water/gatorade cups filled with beer, lol, awesome- totally the laid back feel of Tybee there!(did not partake- wonder if anyone did?) I'd been chasing the guy in the red hat the last mile- starting to overtake him here.
Crossing the finish line! The guy whose head is obscured by the Tybee Run sign is red hat guy :D

Friday's my usual day to run my "long" run- usually 5 miles or so. I cross train most other days with low mileage (2miles or so) added in. I run outside, it's a nice segway to the weekend when I don't have any time to myself. So last night I checked the weather and it said 42 and rainy at 9am (my usual run time after getting kiddos off to school/preschool). Ugh. Brain starts my excuse wheel going, so by this morning, when it actually is NOT raining, I am pretty sure I am going to bag the run. I'm tired, my nose is running, my knee is still sore, my glutes are screaming from my iron bodies class yesterday, blah blah blah.  Somehow catching up on laundry and e-mails sounds SOOO productive.  Take kids to their various schools. By this time the SUN is up. So I swing back by the house and get my ear warmers and head to the trail. I tell myself I'll do a couple miles, even though I do NOT WANT TO!! I say I'll walk the first mile, see how I feel.
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Walked the first mile. Felt pretty good. Thinking about how LUCKY I am to be able to have this time to run. To have (other that the extra weight I carry) no medical problems to stop me. To live in a place that, while not warm, does not have snow or ice to stop me. I should be thrilled to be out there. And I decided I WAS. I am so blessed in my life, I decided to celebrate by instead of going home, attempting to run the furthest I ever have (longest so far was 6 miles)- I decided I'd do a 10k (6.2m). As I ran on, I also formulated a plan that I would not only do the 10k, but in under  1 hour 15 min. (remember I had walked the first mile in entirety).

I headed out to the new trail by the Y- it's still not entirely finished, but I LOVE it! It's def. better on my knees with the pine needles/dirt. I alternated fast walks with fast runs (for me :) )  I was really enjoying myself doing this- need to re-address the Galloway plan- and was keeping my splits under 12min (what can I say, I'm slow)

Summary    01:16:48    6.31    12:09
1    00:13:53    1.00    13:53
2    00:11:59    1.00    11:59
3    00:11:34    1.00    11:34
4    00:11:35    1.00    11:35
5    00:11:55    1.00    11:55
6    00:12:04    1.00    12:04
7    00:03:45    0.31    11:56
I did 6 miles in 1:13 and was about out of gas for the final .2, but I pushed and would you believe that my Garmin flipped to 6.2 miles at exactly 1:14:58!! 2 seconds to spare!! Walked the rest of the way back to my car, stretched, and drove home. I am icing my knee and recounting this. I am so happy I decided to push on!!

It's my right knee but photobooth flips stuff ;)

What have you done today to CELEBRATE your life?


Kovas said...

Great job on finding a new trail and chicking that guy at the race!

Molly said...

that is so great getting the 10k under your goal!!!

Stephanie said...

Way to beat that guy! Had to feel great looking at the pictures afterwards!!!

Kay Heritage said...

You are doing such a fantastic job, Kristin!!