Monday, February 07, 2011

Munchie Monday: Loud Food!

Happy Monday! I planned to run and spin this morning, but procrastination on calling for a spot in class yesterday cost me a slot, and as Leah Kate cried real tears about going to the child watch today, we ran errands instead. When (if...) the rain lets up I am going to dust off the baby jogger and take her for a run.

Today's snack may be an old standby for most, but it was a recent discovery for me, so thought I'd throw it out there: Raw sugar snap peas! Now I've had them cooked and stir fried and all that, but never raw. Wow- super crunchy, sweet, pull them out of a bag like chips size! Fiber filled, green little strips of goodness! I've been getting them from my food co-op so they are really fresh from a local farm, but they also sell them at the grocery store of course. Some of them are stringy, but keep going, most are perfect!
While I'm talking snacks, this weekend at Sam's I bought some Sunchips, it being Superbowl weekend and all (and my kids luuuuuuuuv them). Well, have you seen the new packaging??
I think is AWESOME that it's 100% compostable, very cool(hmmm, compostable is not in the blogger spellcheck dictionary? Get with the times ; )), however, this bag is the LOUDEST  thing ever!! Seriously, no sneaking these bad boys, ha ha! Leah went in the pantry, and from across the next room I ninja mom told her, NO CHIPS! Instead I used her for child labor to demonstrate the sheer volume of this bag for you:

Oh, and a final photo - kind of on theme- this was on Thomas' popsicle stick last night, ha ha:


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thechurchcook said...

Love the pop-stick! You are looking fantastic, Kristin! I am sure you feel the way you do. :)