Monday, August 15, 2011

An anniversary of sorts, not sure if it's a Runnerversary


Saturday I celebrated one year since starting to run. It was August 13, 2010 that I did week one, day one of the couch to 5k program (HIGHLY recommend this for new runners). Since then I have done 280 miles, though various injuries. Not too much, but 280 more than the year before...

I celebrated by walking a little over 4 miles in an hour... so frustrated with this hamstring. I can walk with just dull pain, but if I try to run it is next to impossible- the leg just won't stride. (here's the story of how I pulled it) So I've been keeping up with the mileage in my training program for the SavRnR 1/2 marathon, but walking it. Today I was able to speed it up a bit and ended up doing around 13:30min/miles with neg. splits for 3.6 miles. Not much slower than my running to be honest.

I just feel so weird walking. Embarrassed almost. Dumb. And realizing that this is going to take a LOT of time if I don't start running soon. I never was fast, but can do a 5k in 34 min. At this rate it will be over 40 min. And the 1/2 will be in others full time.

I do remind myself often how fortunate I am to be able to walk though. And to have the time to do this. I am just frustrated. And wondering if I am just not strong enough. Did you ever wish that other people could go in your body for a bit just to let you know whether your pains hurt them too? Or is that a bizarre thought?

Last month I did over 50 miles, the most I've ever done, so there is that...

I know I've solicited this before, but any hamstring advice? Am I doing the right thing by continuing to walk when I can't run?  I do think it's very slowly improving, but definitely very tight.

Continuing with #PlankADay.  Also adding 2-3 days a week on the spin bike after run/walking (25 min or so at pretty high effort)

HAPPY MONDAY!! Thomas and Matthew go back to school in one week, I am not ready for summer to be over...

Monday, August 08, 2011


Saturday in order to beat the heat I left for my planned 4+ miles at 5:45am. It was a little cooler, but also quite dark. I hadn't brought my light because I was planning on running on roads I thought would be well lit... they were not, at least not consistently (too much space between streetlights).  About 1/2 mile into my run I paid for my oversight.

Turned my left ankle in a pothole, then while trying to regain my balance wiped out on my left side, sliding across the road onto the shoulder. At least there were no witnesses. My first wipeout, hopefully my last. My first thought after I made sure I wasn't broken was that my favorite run skirt that I had on better not be ripped! (It wasn't, just some road rash). My hands and leg were bloodied, but I was on a mission to complete my mileage.

About 2 miles in I realized that without the initial adrenaline, I was kind of hurting. I ended up walking most of the rest, for a total of 4.3 miles. My right hamstring/glute area is wonky though, which sucks... I tried to run today (rested yesterday) and I can't lift my right leg in a running stride. I can walk, but when I try to run, it's kind of Quasimotoish.

I am thankful my turned ankle seems okay, just a little sore, as are my hands (I had to debride them of asphalt pieces myself, ouch, but glad to use my nursing experience ha ha) I am a little worried about the other leg. Crap... I did walk 3 miles (with a few .1 mile run trials in there) today. I figured that was better than nothing. I need to be able to run :(

Oh and I finally broke down and got new running shoes and I flipping hate them. My foot slides around in the toe box so much it starts to burn the ball of my foot. Worst thing is, I usually buy them at Fleet Feet so I can return them, but I was buying a later generation of shoes I already had used and loved so I just used Zappos... Ah well. They ARE super cute.


Ugh. I promise I won't complain so much next post!
I stated doing #PlankADay on twitter, do a one min. plank every day. I am on day 4.  Also now been over 3 weeks without diet coke/ splenda in coffee :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Eat your heart out Raul Ibanez!

Did 3.5 miles outside today. Had to wait for YMCA childcare today so went waaaaay too late in this heat. at 9:30 it was already over 90 with 90% humidity. Hot. Not a great run, walked a lot of intervals (10th mile increments). My hamstrings are still tight, but am so thankful to be able to run. After my run (/walk) I went in the gym to stretch, situps, planks and then added 20 min. on the spin bike so I could go hard for a bit (couldn't outside running). Felt good and salty :)


The most successful part of my run was that for the first time in my 41 years I tried, and on that first try, performed a perfect farmer blow! I had forgotten tissues, and am still getting over a cold. I was alone on the trail, so I went for it.  To tie in baseball for the second time in a week, Raul Ibanez is the KING of the snot rocket. OMGosh, the Phillies left fielder is constantly doing it, right on national TV, right on the field where the other 17 players are running around. I couldn't help but think of him when I did mine, ha ha. This may come in handy when (if???) it gets cold again...

Monday, August 01, 2011

Week 5 training RnR half

...began this morning with a 3.4 mile run. It was as humid as it's been all summer, and living in coastal GA, that's saying something. It was just before the point of rain, which would have been very welcome. I know I complain a lot on here, but man, these runs are not getting any easier.  I am doing run/walk intervals (usually running about a mile, then doing .1 intervals or .25 run/.1 walk) I am actually about as fast with doing that as when I just run, but I am able to go further, so for now I am going to stick with this. I am slow, but it is generally in the 80-90's with 80-90% humidity, so hopefully in the fall my speed will pick up. Honestly, other than it taking longer than I'd like in terms of time in the day (it took over 40 min to do that 3.4 miles), the speed doesn't bother me. I can try to get fast eventually, this will be my first distance race, I just want to finish this time. It will be a PR regardless, ha ha. Of course I don't want it to take 3 hours, but less than that I'll be okay with... well maybe 2:30... Okay, I do care a little...


Finally broke down and got a handheld bottle. Am starting to do runs over 4 miles and in this heat it helps. I love it! It's a Nathan, the first time I used it my hand froze (well for the first mile until all the ice melted), but I've since rigged it with a koozie thing and now it's perfect- even fits my ipod and a tissue in the pocket.

Any advice for tight hamstrings? I stretch and stretch, even foam roll, but they are what I am struggling with during my runs. Thankful to God that my back is holding up though!