Thursday, June 23, 2005

Intro to Blogging 101

This will be our family's first "official" blog. Thought maybe I'd introduce who the Nyces are, at least in a brief manner. We are a family of 4 living in Charlottesville, VA. Daddy is Mark who is here completing a fellowship at UVA. Mommy is Kristin who is a research nurse doing liver trials at UVA. We have 2 boys. Matthew, who will turn 7 in November just finished Kindergarten. He goes to day camp and is ALL boy! Thomas turned 2 in February and started walking in the beginning of June! He has Down Syndrome, but we try not to let the extra chromosome influence how we treat him :)

Mark and I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and met after finishing college in 1992. We shared a cell culture room at Thomas Jefferson Medical College- it was very romantic ;) We lived in Philadelphia while Mark finished medical school and I went back to get a degree in nursing; that is where Matthew was born in November 1998. In June of 2000 we moved up to New Haven CT so Mark could do a residency in internal medicine at Yale. It was there in February of 2003 that Thomas was born. In June of 2003 we moved to VA and bought our 1st house.

That's us in a super small nutshell!