Friday, December 09, 2011

Oh my darling Clementine

One of the BEST things about Christmastime has nothing to do with the holiday, but instead with the season. To me December means CLEMENTINES!

Look at all that goodness- this box is about 1/2 gone already

They try to grow them all year in places like South America and Africa. But the REAL clementines, the BEST clementines, the ones you can peel all in one strip, that my kids BEG for as dessert, come from Spain and surrounding European areas and are in season from the end of Nov. through January

check out the peel- all in one piece, NO SEEDS

We go through a box a week this time of year- good thing they are also almost always on sale this time of year.

Nutritionally they are a great snack (from SparkPeople:)  40 calories, no fat, 1g protein, 200mg potassium,  9 carbs (8 sugars), 2g fiber and 145% of your RDA for vitamin C!

So STOP eating all the cookies and grab a box :)

Have a great weekend, we have 2 parties tomorrow, plus tons of other stuff. Going to squeeze a run in today then finish my cards :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Christmas Photo Display- 13 years in the making...

13 years back, when Matthew was a month old we took him to see Santa. Came home, framed the photo, and a tradition was born.
See baby Matthew in photo to the right :)

Every year since I've added another photo to the collection- every 4 years or so another little face appeared in the mix.  For the last 8 years I've begun to also frame that year's Christmas card (which typically includes a photo of the children as well).


I love watching this get bigger each year, and am so glad I began this tradition way back. I clear off all the "everyday" photos, etc. from my shelves in order to display.  Also a great time to really dust those shelves, ha ha.


Finally decorated our tree last night too.  We got it on Saturday, ha ha, I think those branches have fallen down as much as they are going to ;)


School lets out next Friday, I am so excited to have the kids home for 9 whole days before Christmas- lots of baking, crafts (well, attempts) and movies! 

Also, I started running again yesterday- haven't really run much since the half, it felt GREAT!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Card :)

 All KINDS of deals going today! This year was impossible to get a good photo of all 3. Impossible.  But this isn't bad, and I need to get them done, ha ha! On the back of the card are a few other smaller pics that are cute too :)

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Monday, November 07, 2011

I am a half marathoner! Savannah Rock and Roll


I am still alive, though not blogging. Fall always does me in with all the kids activities, my volunteering activities and this year, my training for the Savannah Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon. Which I did on Saturday.  And had FUN! I ran for the local DS group, and of course for Thomas :)

(got that from they are great, fast and personal!)

Backing up a bit, I never fully got back after my bad hamstring issue in my 2nd to last post (almost 3 months ago, ack!).  I continued the training program, but walked for a few weeks, gradually introducing small runs but never fully running. It worked for me, I was able to prevent further injury and continue training.

                                            one of my training runs- Tybee Rails to Trails

My modified goal for the race once I realized I wouldn't be running the whole thing was a very modest under 3 hours. Which I did. BARELY.  Was registered for the thing for 15 months. Dedicated training for 18 weeks. Ran/walked for almost 3 hours, and making my goal came down to FIVE SECONDS! My official time was 2:59:55! That does include 2 stops at the medical tent for bandages for a HUGE blistery thing on the ball of my right foot. Had been kind of nursing that since I came into the double digit training runs and it was bad from around 6 miles on in this race. Was going to just suck it up, but figured I did want to be able to walk and care for my family after this ;)

starting line at sunrise

There were over 23,000 people in this race, but it didn't feel nearly as crowded as I'd imagined. There were 25 corrals (I was in the back in corral 23) that were released about every minute to spread people out. The race began at 7:30, but it was after 8 before I crossed the starting line (And almost 1/2 mile in before then too ;) )

Click for Time lapse video of starting line (go to around 3:30 for race start)

PhotobucketI felt strong going out, however I had put some gels in my back pocket of my running skirt and they made my skirt keep falling down! So I had to take them out (I had never used them in training anyhow). I knew I needed to keep my miles around 13:40 to keep under 3 hours, and was going a little faster than this for the first several miles- was in the 12's the first couple. I knew I wanted to bank some time due to my foot- in training I had had to stop to fix my sock, bandage, etc., so I figured that was a possibility here as well- glad I did!

The crowds were great, I hi-5'd 100s of people and had a blast. The bands were great too, but I was glad I brought my music because between them I needed some.  The miles actually went by really quickly- until around here------>
this is when I was really favoring my torn up foot. But I knew it was only 2 miles left, and I had about 27 minutes to do it in, so I kept pushing on.

As I rounded the corner towards the finish line, I was in a lot of pain, but I started to run again. It was then I heard, "KRISTIN!" and turned around to see Mark and the kids in the front row cheering me on!! (this was a surprise, they were going to stay home b/c of all the road closings and traffic). This kept me going for the final 1/10th of a mile, and probably let me get in under 3 hours.

Right after I got my medal (heavier than I thought!) and my silver blanket (it was COLD out!) I headed to the charity village part of Forsyth Park, limping across the green. The Lowcountry Down Syndrome Society had a great tent with everything I needed, namely powerade and a chair!
So happy my family and friends were there- what a great day for everyone involved!

Said during training, never again, but already I am making my plans for November 3rd, 2012!


Thanks for reading this LONG post! I will try to be more consistent- am planning a picture post of the past 3 months this week.

If you want to see my gorgeous foot after the race, scroll down. If not, just click off here ;) 

Looks actually pretty good here :P


Monday, August 15, 2011

An anniversary of sorts, not sure if it's a Runnerversary


Saturday I celebrated one year since starting to run. It was August 13, 2010 that I did week one, day one of the couch to 5k program (HIGHLY recommend this for new runners). Since then I have done 280 miles, though various injuries. Not too much, but 280 more than the year before...

I celebrated by walking a little over 4 miles in an hour... so frustrated with this hamstring. I can walk with just dull pain, but if I try to run it is next to impossible- the leg just won't stride. (here's the story of how I pulled it) So I've been keeping up with the mileage in my training program for the SavRnR 1/2 marathon, but walking it. Today I was able to speed it up a bit and ended up doing around 13:30min/miles with neg. splits for 3.6 miles. Not much slower than my running to be honest.

I just feel so weird walking. Embarrassed almost. Dumb. And realizing that this is going to take a LOT of time if I don't start running soon. I never was fast, but can do a 5k in 34 min. At this rate it will be over 40 min. And the 1/2 will be in others full time.

I do remind myself often how fortunate I am to be able to walk though. And to have the time to do this. I am just frustrated. And wondering if I am just not strong enough. Did you ever wish that other people could go in your body for a bit just to let you know whether your pains hurt them too? Or is that a bizarre thought?

Last month I did over 50 miles, the most I've ever done, so there is that...

I know I've solicited this before, but any hamstring advice? Am I doing the right thing by continuing to walk when I can't run?  I do think it's very slowly improving, but definitely very tight.

Continuing with #PlankADay.  Also adding 2-3 days a week on the spin bike after run/walking (25 min or so at pretty high effort)

HAPPY MONDAY!! Thomas and Matthew go back to school in one week, I am not ready for summer to be over...

Monday, August 08, 2011


Saturday in order to beat the heat I left for my planned 4+ miles at 5:45am. It was a little cooler, but also quite dark. I hadn't brought my light because I was planning on running on roads I thought would be well lit... they were not, at least not consistently (too much space between streetlights).  About 1/2 mile into my run I paid for my oversight.

Turned my left ankle in a pothole, then while trying to regain my balance wiped out on my left side, sliding across the road onto the shoulder. At least there were no witnesses. My first wipeout, hopefully my last. My first thought after I made sure I wasn't broken was that my favorite run skirt that I had on better not be ripped! (It wasn't, just some road rash). My hands and leg were bloodied, but I was on a mission to complete my mileage.

About 2 miles in I realized that without the initial adrenaline, I was kind of hurting. I ended up walking most of the rest, for a total of 4.3 miles. My right hamstring/glute area is wonky though, which sucks... I tried to run today (rested yesterday) and I can't lift my right leg in a running stride. I can walk, but when I try to run, it's kind of Quasimotoish.

I am thankful my turned ankle seems okay, just a little sore, as are my hands (I had to debride them of asphalt pieces myself, ouch, but glad to use my nursing experience ha ha) I am a little worried about the other leg. Crap... I did walk 3 miles (with a few .1 mile run trials in there) today. I figured that was better than nothing. I need to be able to run :(

Oh and I finally broke down and got new running shoes and I flipping hate them. My foot slides around in the toe box so much it starts to burn the ball of my foot. Worst thing is, I usually buy them at Fleet Feet so I can return them, but I was buying a later generation of shoes I already had used and loved so I just used Zappos... Ah well. They ARE super cute.


Ugh. I promise I won't complain so much next post!
I stated doing #PlankADay on twitter, do a one min. plank every day. I am on day 4.  Also now been over 3 weeks without diet coke/ splenda in coffee :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Eat your heart out Raul Ibanez!

Did 3.5 miles outside today. Had to wait for YMCA childcare today so went waaaaay too late in this heat. at 9:30 it was already over 90 with 90% humidity. Hot. Not a great run, walked a lot of intervals (10th mile increments). My hamstrings are still tight, but am so thankful to be able to run. After my run (/walk) I went in the gym to stretch, situps, planks and then added 20 min. on the spin bike so I could go hard for a bit (couldn't outside running). Felt good and salty :)


The most successful part of my run was that for the first time in my 41 years I tried, and on that first try, performed a perfect farmer blow! I had forgotten tissues, and am still getting over a cold. I was alone on the trail, so I went for it.  To tie in baseball for the second time in a week, Raul Ibanez is the KING of the snot rocket. OMGosh, the Phillies left fielder is constantly doing it, right on national TV, right on the field where the other 17 players are running around. I couldn't help but think of him when I did mine, ha ha. This may come in handy when (if???) it gets cold again...

Monday, August 01, 2011

Week 5 training RnR half

...began this morning with a 3.4 mile run. It was as humid as it's been all summer, and living in coastal GA, that's saying something. It was just before the point of rain, which would have been very welcome. I know I complain a lot on here, but man, these runs are not getting any easier.  I am doing run/walk intervals (usually running about a mile, then doing .1 intervals or .25 run/.1 walk) I am actually about as fast with doing that as when I just run, but I am able to go further, so for now I am going to stick with this. I am slow, but it is generally in the 80-90's with 80-90% humidity, so hopefully in the fall my speed will pick up. Honestly, other than it taking longer than I'd like in terms of time in the day (it took over 40 min to do that 3.4 miles), the speed doesn't bother me. I can try to get fast eventually, this will be my first distance race, I just want to finish this time. It will be a PR regardless, ha ha. Of course I don't want it to take 3 hours, but less than that I'll be okay with... well maybe 2:30... Okay, I do care a little...


Finally broke down and got a handheld bottle. Am starting to do runs over 4 miles and in this heat it helps. I love it! It's a Nathan, the first time I used it my hand froze (well for the first mile until all the ice melted), but I've since rigged it with a koozie thing and now it's perfect- even fits my ipod and a tissue in the pocket.

Any advice for tight hamstrings? I stretch and stretch, even foam roll, but they are what I am struggling with during my runs. Thankful to God that my back is holding up though!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Surfers For Autism at Tybee Island


Thomas got to participate in a SFA event at Tybee Island on Saturday- it was AMAZING! Surfers for Autism is an awesome group who's mission is "to unlock the potential of people with developmental disabilities, support advocacy for autism issues and scientific research. Our focus is to eliminate stigma through public awareness and education and to unite communities through volunteerism" 
Their events are open to kids with all different (dis)abilities, so Thomas and his extra 21st chromosome were in! I cannot tell you how wonderful this group and their volunteers were. From their webpage: At a SFA event, our surfers are provided a safe environment where two to four highly skilled and trained surf instructors carefully guide them into waves. Our surfers and their families are treated like rock stars and enjoy a day filled with a range of activities
They first worked with him on the sand to teach him what to do in the water

Then he paddled out beyond the break to wait for his wave
which he got! He had NO interest in standing, but loved it nonetheless
This smile never left his face the whole time on his board
He'd pull his helpers back in again and again!
Even a couple big wipeouts didn't phase him
Michelle (and the other 2 working with him) were beyond FABULOUS!
Tired but super happy after his group finished
A break for some yummy shaved ice
...and some yogurt ;)
Then it was time to go back in (showing LK how it's done)
Turning some pretty young heads
SURF'S UP DUDES! (with his second group of volunteers)
Finished the day with a tour of Tybee's firetruck 

I missed a scheduled 3 mile run to go to this, but it was worth it x1,000,000! Plus I ran around at the beach after my 2 youngest, that counts for SOMETHING, right? Did 3.5 miles this am. Have been back at it for 3 weeks, seems like it should be getting a little easier... it's not. Anyhow, I will leave you with a 3min. video of the day at Tybee.   

Next event in in St. Augustine in August, then Jacksonville Beach in Sept.... may think about making the drives (Tybee is less than 15 min. from my house, so this one was easy :) )

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Darn you Roy Halladay!

For those of you who aren't total baseball nerds like me, Roy Halladay is the reining 2010 National League Cy Young winner (best pitcher), All-Star pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. A HORSE. A STUD. Generally know to be the best conditioned guy in the game of baseball. Cyborg like. (awesome.)
Roy Halladay Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, he pitched Monday night in Chicago. It was super hot. And humid. And the invincible indeed WAS vincible. He left the game in the 5th inning with heat exhaustion. HEAT EXHAUSTION.


So if this elite athlete, pitching in the evening, up north in Chicago, could succomb, then what about ME? A 41 year old, overweight housewife and mother in coastal Georgia? What chance do I have? At least this is what went through my mind today as I attempted my run. It was 89 with about 80% humidity. Hot, but I usually like hot. But today, I kept reviewing those darned symptoms- did I feel a little dizzy? So instead of trying to run at least a mile before stopping like I normally do, I took walk breaks. I'd run 1/4 mile, walk a 1/10th. I DID do a little over 3.5 miles (2 miles running was on my training schedule today) and I did feel like a pushed with the heat, however, without Halladay's performance running though my head, I am sure I'd have pushed it more. Damn you Halladay and your sudden mortality, damn you!

I suppose I could have run on the treadmill, but a: not a fan and b: am hoping MAYBE running in this will get me in better condition... I did go in the gym after my run and did some stretching/situps/planks/pushups in the a/c. Oh and picked up my kids from childwatch, ha ha, almost walked out without them. Was in my post workout coma- do y'all get that sometimes? A preview for future my dementia I am sure...


Extra quotes from Halladay, so you non fans can apprieciate his hard-coreness:

From Sports Illustrated April, 2010:
Halladay controls as much as he can, including his own body. He takes the ball knowing that he has run not one less mile, done not one less repetition of a leg press or worked out for not one day less than what he planned to do. Halladay takes off only two weeks out of the year, in October. When he works out he never allows his heart rate to drop. Instead of resting between sets he jumps on a treadmill or mixes in another exercise. One reason he likes to train before anyone else arrives is that he never has to wait for a piece of equipment.
"Everybody always talks about the workouts," he says, "but I really don't do anything different. I just try to be more consistent and pay more attention to detail. I do it every day. And if it's 15 reps, I do 15. Not 12 or 13." 
 Former Blue Jays manager Carlos Tosca:
“He is—by far and nobody comes close—the toughest, toughest individual mentally and the most driven I’ve ever been associated with.
and finally, from Philly Sports satire site Philly, this, which though in jest, is based on his phenomenal work ethic:

“With the core training, plyometric work, cardio and throwing sessions, it’s really hard to sneak in the additional core training, plyometric work, cardio and throwing that I need,” Roy Halladay said during a quick break to gets some squats in. “But working out all the time is no excuse to skip your workout.”

Oh and the night he came out for the heat, I saw a tweet on Twitter that said: "Watching Roy Halladay tire is like seeing your father cry for the first time"


Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 3 of RnR Savannah 1/2 marathon training

...began this morning. Boy running is just hard right now. Like look at my Garmin every 10th of a mile hard, lol. But I am keeping with the training schedule, adding a bit extra mileage, but walking a bit in there.  Gah, I am worried about getting to 13 miles... BUT, I know I can walk that far for sure, so I guess I will just have to see. Today was supposed to be 2 miles, I did 3 total, but only 1.8  running. And I still looked like this:

I was literally dripping sweat

This plan has 4 runs a week, which is new for me, I've never done more than 3. I  think I actually like an extra run in there. Trying to figure out how to get a spin class in as well, but the classes I like are on the same days as my runs and I am not that flexible, ha ha. Right now I am thrilled to be adding some miles and feeling not injured. I was afraid with my almost 3 months of various injuries that I might never get back.

and in other news...

On Friday Leah Kate had her first ballet performance, so cute, ha ha! She did a week long ballet camp (also her first camp ever, week of milestones!) and they put on a little show at the end.

She LOVES her big brother (who has grown like 4 inches this summer!!)
And for posterity, a little movie of the dancing :)

After ballet we met some friends at Bouncing Angels, an indoor inflatable play place- was a great day for it as it torrentially rained all afternoon. The kids all love it and it's good exercise too!

Thomas getting a push down the slide, wheeee!

Happy Monday everyone!! Oh, one other thing I forgot! I've been Diet Coke free for 3 days now! And this morning I did my coffee without sweetener (just a little skim milk). Diet soda/splenda is my crack, so this is a pretty big deal :D

I follow Sarah Stanley on Twitter, she's so inspiring, she gave me the idea to give it up.