Monday, July 26, 2010

Heat: friend or foe?

Let me preface this post by saying I will never complain about it being hot. I love the heat. I hate the cold and I save my litany of complaints for when the mercury dips below 70.

That said, as much as I LOVE the heat with all my heart and soul, even this 111 "heat index" stuff, apparently, my overweight* 40-year old body does NOT.
*see below for interesting link*

Part of the allure of the heat is the sweat. I love to feel like I am really working out when I work out. I love feeling warmed up 30 seconds after I start. I love that tingly feeling the sun gives my skin. I love all of it. So today, in lieu of my typical Monday morning spin class I decided to do 4-5 miles on the trail by my gym. Now I am not a runner. I want to be, alas but I am not. I try. I WANT to! But I usually end up fast walking about 1/2 of my miles. Anyhow, the 1st 2 miles were great, in a groove, running more than walking, sweat dripping, good stuff. About 1/2 way through mile 3 I suddenly realized it was more and more difficult to lift my legs, and I was forgetting parts I had just run by. I got to the point in my 2 mile loop to start mile 4 and thought I might not make it. I had visions of my body laying on the side of the trail (of course the end part is mostly wooded and removed from the road) being approached by the turkey vultures I see almost daily on this same road. But then I remembered- I had my 3 kids at the gym in the childwatch. I was safe. Because I KNEW they would not let me go past that 2 hour limit without at least calling my cell phone. So I had 40 min. tops before someone would realize I was still gone. With this knowledge I pressed on. One foot in front of the other. Wiping sweat with my dripping wet shirt. As the last 1/2 mile faded, on my ipod came "The Final Countdown" by Europe, I kid you not. And I ran.

Then, as I always joke, but also always mean, the hard part of my day began- I picked up the kids and left.

*Here is some great news for those like me who are fat and fit (and not so good news for those lucky "skinny though I don't ever exercise" types). I am actually not sure what the whole the article said, I just know the guy who practically INVENTED aerobics, physician Kenneth Cooper said:
Having done more than 250,000 treadmill stress tests on more than 100,000 people in the past 30 years, I feel that I can safely say that you are better off being fat and fit than skinny and unfit.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mom's cooking dinner = free for all

Last night I decided I'd cook a nice dinner for my poor overworked husband, even though he would likely have to microwave it in the middle of the night when he got home. Luckily, I have a freezer full of beef (that will have to be explained in another post). So I pulled out several fillets in the morning and after picking Matthew up from camp started cooking them.

First I scrubbed the purple potatoes:
Then I tossed them in some olive oil and sprinkled with black pepper and sea salt:


Throw potatoes in a 425 oven
Pan sear and then roast bacon wrapped filets:

Toss salad:
Pull potatoes out of the oven:
Plate out little kids dinner:
Eat and enjoy! :

Later on while cleaning up dinner and downloading photos from camera discover what REALLY happens while I cook:

Yup, that's my daughter in the background... with no pants on, wearing a bunny mask and up on my dining room table.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What makes it home?

We've moved a lot in our life- not as much as my military friends, but enough. Philadelphia, New Haven, Charlottesville and now Savannah. We've always moved after a few years because of training, but here and now, we've been here FOUR whole years. It's subtle, the feeling of being HOME in an area. In some aspects it happens quickly- my Down syndrome support group made me feel at home 2 months after we arrived, but I still don't know everyone in my own neighborhood. Savannah has a different culture than anywhere else I've experienced in terms of primary schooling. Where up north, even in Virginia, most went to public schools, here private school is the norm. Because of this the kids have their school friends and then their neighborhood friends. In my very small little development I can think of at least 5 different schools the various kids go to. I think this contributes a LOT to isolation and lack of community. There's no walking to school with your friends, commiserating about how much homework Mrs. So and so gave you and the like. Even the school calendars are different- some kids go back 2 whole weeks before mine do.

Anyway, I did have a thought at the beginning of this- the educational system in Savannah is for a whole other post.

Today I walked/ran the trail outside the YMCA for my workout. 5 miles. And in that time I saw 5 or 6 different friends from non-gym aspects of my life here. People who waved to ME, they knew me. That's how I know this is home. Well that and the bills that keep filling my mailbox.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some days...

Some days I take the kids to the playground because that puts me and hour closer to bedtime.

And I actually have this thought when I go.

I am not sure if that makes me a really horrible mom or a brilliant one, but some days, it's whatever can get you through.

And the playground IS better than an hour of cartoons, right?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Time to update the blog- 5 years later, ha ha!

So I just found that I had at one time considered blogging! And like many things, it fell by the wayside in the throes of living life. The last time I wrote in this blog we were a family of 4, living in VA. Hmmmm.

So since then, Mark has finished his fellowship at UVA and we moved to beautiful Savannah, GA four years ago. We actually live on Wilmington Island, which is about 15 min from both downtown Savannah in one direction, and Tybee Island (the beach) in the other. More importantly, since then we have added a lovely little girl to our family. Leah Kate was born almost 3 years ago, completing our family.

Will be keeping this up now, I hope! More later :)