Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Update

Spent the morning Saturday at Thomas' horseback riding therapy and then the afternoon and evening at various baseball camp/games for Matthew. Was a GORGEOUS day, and every ballpark had a playground for the little ones, so all in all a great day... until Matthew started complaining of a headache and chills (in the final inning- I think he was sucking it up for a while though) By the time we got home he had a 101.3 fever poor kid.

Sunday we lay low with Matthew being sick and Mark on call. Took the littles for a bike ride/walk around the neighborhood in the morning, and then when Mark got home after lunch I took them for another bike ride- this time around the Y.
We did about 2.5 miles in all. I tried running a bit, very disappointed to say it hurt...  I DID spend a couple hours in the garden yesterday weeding/clearing out, so I am hoping it was just overuse. I am going to try a little again today, but plan mainly walking.  Leah Kate has gymnastics at 11.

Here I am looking MUCH less thrilled with the way things went at our bike ride/walk yesterday afternoon than my daughter is:

Last night I rallied Matthew from his stupor of naps and tv to make a little video in honor of their Pop Pop (my FIL). His birthday is today and he lives 800 miles away. Leah Kate and Thomas really performed, poor Matthew definitely was not at the top of his game (he said it hurt his throat to get the high notes), but did pretty well all things considered. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP POP!!

I did let Matthew go to school today, he feels better though not 100%. He didn't want to miss baseball practice :)   It sure was dark out there at the bus stop this morning, darned DST!!



Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great pictures!!!!

I hope you post more about horseback riding therapy--I have heard this is amazing. Is Thomas responding well?

Love your "less-than thrilled" expression--ha, ha!

My Own Calcutta said...

I am so glad to have found you. What a "nice" life you lead. My Bel goes to therapy riding too. Running my first half marathon too. I can't wait to continue reading your blog.

Chris K said...

Sorry you are not healing so quickly. As far as auqa jogging, yeah, I had to wait until a deep lane opened up. The pool's lanes went width wise, not length wise.