Monday, March 21, 2011

Rewind and go forward

I ran this morning! 

First time I've run since pulling my piriformis. I felt pretty good, was humid so I got a great sweat even at 5:40 am and even though I only did a little over 2 miles. Progress.

Progress, yet I am way back where I was last August when I began this whole running thing... I started Couch to 5k for the second time

You see, I LOVED running when I was doing that program. I saw real progress with little injury. It was fun. I am sort of out of running shape from my break, so I swallowed my pride and said what the heck, let's get this started! 

It's 9 weeks, so that should be great, then I can really start to work on my 1/2 mary training for November's race. I may tweak the program a bit, but for now, at least I am able to RUN!

I feel good about this. So it's me and Robert Ullrey and his podcasts once again!

Week one is 1 min runs/90 sec. walk x8. I did 2.15 miles in that time. My runs were in the 8:20 pace, so I was thrilled with that, though I know I will slow way down as the runs get longer. Stretched a LOT, foam rolled and I am feeling good. YAY!

In other news, had a great long weekend (St. Pat's is HUGE down here- the schools were closed Thurs./Fri). Matthew did GREAT in his 1st parade and the littles really enjoyed it too. My brother was down from Boston which was awesome as well. I will blog more about the parade later :)



Molly said...

yay for progress!

My Own Calcutta said...

2 miles or 20 miles, it's all progress! Keep it up and that marathon in November is squashed!

chris mcpeake said...

Way to get back out there. Keep it up