Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

PhotobucketI am VERY excited to say that I took spin class this morning, and other than the lungs exploding and the 2 times I nearly puked from exertion, I felt GREAT!! My back/hamstings were FINE!! One time during a standing-back in the seat thing I felt the tiniest twinge, but otherwise, it was awesome. I've really missed spin.

This is my awesome spin instructor (hi Jodie!!) , in case you think maybe I was just taking it easy- do you think she lets anyone take it easy?

I also am getting back on the good eating saddle. My break from working out unfortunately coincided with a break in eating well. I need to drop this extra weight in order to stop the injury cycle. I know it's the extra weight I carry (and being in my 5th decade) that does it.

I had a little epiphany yesterday about my eating. I've been doing the frequent small meal thing, however it just lead to eating all the time! I was reading my Runner's World magazine in carpool lane and in an article about losing weight it said "STOP GRAZING". Eat 3 meals a day. Now I KNOW the frequent small meals works for some, but for me, it was like I never knew when to stop. So today I am going to just do 3 meals, nothing between except water and tea. I stocked up at Publix on healthy stuff and just finished lunch and am STUFFED, but it was healthy and likely under 400 calories.


A flatout wrap with roasted turkey, baby organic spinach and broccoli slaw inside. Carrots, sugar snaps and grape tomatoes on the side. YUM! The inside looks like this- I tossed the spinach and slaw in a splash of lite greek dressing.


I think with the structure of 3 meals I will be able to control calories and portions much better.

It's a very gray rainy day today- Matthew's baseball practice has already been canceled. Will be strange not being out all evening! Have to take Thomas in for some bloodwork (from his yearly physical yesterday- thyroid and CBC) after school. Should be loads of fun, every year he gets stronger and more people need to hold him down, poor kid!


Hope everyone is having a great day! Hope the rain stops by morning, I have a 5am run planned since I have a busy day.


TWO MORE DAYS!!! Goooooooooooooo Phils!!


thechurchcook said...

I don't think your wrap can get any healthier, Kristin!! And your instructor is a picture of FIT! Stay dry, girl!

Molly said...

yeah, I'm working on the grazing too : )

oh! And my husbands kidneys are all functioning, with three ureters. It's called a duplex kidney. My kids didn't inherit it : )

My Own Calcutta said...

I love that article on grazing too! I thought grazing would be a healthy choice for me, but i ended up eating over 2,000 calories and half of them were not-so healthy choices. Glad you found a balance. Nice wrap! Yum.