Monday, March 07, 2011

Notes from the DL (disabled list)

The good news in that title is that the DL reminds me that it's BASEBALL SEASON!! Best time of the year. MLB in Spring training (gooooooo Phillies! ), my own son already playing games. Matthew made his middle school team (6-8th grade) as a 6th grader, I am so thrilled and proud of him. They had a preseason tournament all last week and he got in some good playing time even.
will bring real camera to game one day, ha ha:

And the bad news is, I've been put on my own self imposed DL for the past week. It stinks and I am so so ready to be back in the lineup (can you take any more baseball metaphor??). I have been mildly complaining for weeks now of pain on my left lower back/glute/hamsting area. I am pretty sure it's piriformis syndrome. It was really bad last week- like I could barely walk and the thought of running was out of the question. Only with motrin was I able to do the minimum like walk my son to the bus stop and "chase" the younger ones around at the 5 baseball games we had (plus a couple practices for Matthew's club team). However, I think the rest definitely helped, I haven't taken anything in a couple days, and today I am going to attempt a little fast paced walking. If this goes well today, I may actually RUN tomorrow. 

Being out of commission makes me realize how much I take my body's ability to function properly for granted. I now look at people running by so longingly. I want to shout out to them, "Do you realize how LUCKY you are to be out there? I know you are dreaming of finishing, but enjoy your run, ENJOY IT!!!!"

PhotobucketI am considering trying out deep water pool running also. I know a lot of good runners (SUAR being notable) who have trained through injury doing this. I am just afraid of looking like an idiot trying to figure it out, ha ha! 

I really hate to lose the base I worked really hard to get to. I am going to be starting my 1/2 marathon training in a couple months, I NEED to be able to do the low mileage stuff without thinking about it. HELP ME!! Any and all advice welcome!



Mariah said...

I "sorta" did some water running this summer when my foot was really bugging me. I felt like a total idiot doing it. No idea if it helped.
I did bike and swim a lot while my foot was out of commision.....can you try that?

Kristin @NyceLife said...

Yeah M, I am going to start back spinning, not sure about the swimming, it's been awhile and the only pool the Y has open now is the small one with the giant bubble over it- will be fine for water jogging, not sure about laps. The 65 year old ladies in water aerobics can just point and laugh ;)