Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to the Rockstar!


Rocky, our awesome Goldendoodle puppy turned TWO yesterday!! I almost forgot, bad mommy. We had church all morning, then a wedding afternoon/evening, so it just kind of slipped. We did wish him a happy one, but I think that gets lost on a dog if it's not accompanied by treats. We'll have a little cake and treats tonight though! Can't believe he's 2, seems like he just got here.

Here he is before we got him with all his brothers and sisters- he's the second from the right, laying down...he's still lazy.


This is when we went to pick him up- Matthew was the happiest boy EVER, he'd wanted a dog for so so long! He's the best dog!

He lets all the kids walk him, is SO SO patient. And bonus: DOES NOT SHED A HAIR!! I've started doing short runs with him- longest was 2 miles but I bet he could go further. I definately slow him down, but he doesn't make me feel bad about my 11:00 mile pace. Here he is at this year's Buddy Walk in Forsyth Park:

So thanks big guy for fitting seamlessly into our crazy family- can't remember a day when you weren't a part of our lives! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Anyone else run with their dog(s)? Have any tips? I haven't gone too far with him because I am not sure about how often to water him, etc., but he LOVES it!


Teamarcia said...

Happy birthday Rocky! I swear he and his puppy clan could not be any cuter. Neither could your kiddo clan. Enjoy some birthday treats!

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Caroline said...

I want one!!!! I love these dogs! I have a Golden retriever she is the best she will be 9 next month
I want a second dog but l have to convince my husband so far no luck!