Monday, January 10, 2011

Early am homework time with a new ipad app put to good use

We do homework very early at our house, well at least with Thomas. He just doesn't do well after school- he's tired and distracted and I can't get him to work. I've found the golden hour, however; from around 6:20- 7:30 or so. We walk Matthew to his bus every morning at 6am, so we are up, dressed (ha ha, though as you'll see, hair is NOT combed) and have had a little fresh air and exercise (well, a little over 1/2 mile round trip, but enough to wake up) and are ready to go! As soon as the bus pulls out, the first thing Thomas says, every morning without fail is "work?" and I say "yes buddy, work" and he says "WORK!".  So we walk home (in the dark, with Rocky on leash, Leah Kate still half asleep in the jogger), pour glasses of juice, and get to WORK!

Monday mornings we do spelling words- copy them 3x each.

Leah Kate does some "work" too ;)



Today we used an app we have on our new ipad to help with the spelling! He can drag the letters out of the alphabet and into the correct spelling, fun!

Of course whenever the camera comes out, so do the silly faces:



A note, the app we were using above is a $2.99 one that you can use on iphone or ipad. It's called Montessori Crosswords . We were using a part called "Moveable Alphabet" within that app. Both Thomas (7 years old with Down syndrome) and Leah Kate (3) love the crosswords and the alphabet part, I highly recommend it!

I plan on doing some reviews on particularly good apps as we use them, the ipad is pretty new now and we only have a few to start. Please leave me your favorite educational/special needs (or not) apps in the comments!


Wendy said...

Hi! I'm going to check this one out! We have a couple that we like, but I don't know the name of them. I'll try to remember and let you know. Could you send me that soccer info we talked about?

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Wow!! Beautiful photos!! The first one is amazing! What a cool app! I may have to check it out too!

And 6 AM to catch the bus? What in the world?! That seem insainly early to me!!!! How do you do it!?

Thanks so much for following my blog! I look forward to catching up on yours.

me said...

Thanks 5 miles! Just found you last night, am looking for inspiration as I am a newish runner planning a 1/2 next November. You won't have any trouble catching up o. Mine, ha ha.