Monday, August 01, 2011

Week 5 training RnR half

...began this morning with a 3.4 mile run. It was as humid as it's been all summer, and living in coastal GA, that's saying something. It was just before the point of rain, which would have been very welcome. I know I complain a lot on here, but man, these runs are not getting any easier.  I am doing run/walk intervals (usually running about a mile, then doing .1 intervals or .25 run/.1 walk) I am actually about as fast with doing that as when I just run, but I am able to go further, so for now I am going to stick with this. I am slow, but it is generally in the 80-90's with 80-90% humidity, so hopefully in the fall my speed will pick up. Honestly, other than it taking longer than I'd like in terms of time in the day (it took over 40 min to do that 3.4 miles), the speed doesn't bother me. I can try to get fast eventually, this will be my first distance race, I just want to finish this time. It will be a PR regardless, ha ha. Of course I don't want it to take 3 hours, but less than that I'll be okay with... well maybe 2:30... Okay, I do care a little...


Finally broke down and got a handheld bottle. Am starting to do runs over 4 miles and in this heat it helps. I love it! It's a Nathan, the first time I used it my hand froze (well for the first mile until all the ice melted), but I've since rigged it with a koozie thing and now it's perfect- even fits my ipod and a tissue in the pocket.

Any advice for tight hamstrings? I stretch and stretch, even foam roll, but they are what I am struggling with during my runs. Thankful to God that my back is holding up though!


mariah321 said...

My hammys are a constant issue for me. I do MANY stretches for them...and I have found that in addition to the stretching it really helps to walk about a 1/2 mile after the run. I am so proud of you girl!

Teamarcia said...

Gosh that humidity is horrendous. DOn't worry one single smidge about your pace. Just go by effort.
Love the bottle!I've got the same one in yellow. Adore the purple though.
My hammys are ornery on their best days. Just hanging in forwardfold (yoga) after I run seems to help.