Monday, August 08, 2011


Saturday in order to beat the heat I left for my planned 4+ miles at 5:45am. It was a little cooler, but also quite dark. I hadn't brought my light because I was planning on running on roads I thought would be well lit... they were not, at least not consistently (too much space between streetlights).  About 1/2 mile into my run I paid for my oversight.

Turned my left ankle in a pothole, then while trying to regain my balance wiped out on my left side, sliding across the road onto the shoulder. At least there were no witnesses. My first wipeout, hopefully my last. My first thought after I made sure I wasn't broken was that my favorite run skirt that I had on better not be ripped! (It wasn't, just some road rash). My hands and leg were bloodied, but I was on a mission to complete my mileage.

About 2 miles in I realized that without the initial adrenaline, I was kind of hurting. I ended up walking most of the rest, for a total of 4.3 miles. My right hamstring/glute area is wonky though, which sucks... I tried to run today (rested yesterday) and I can't lift my right leg in a running stride. I can walk, but when I try to run, it's kind of Quasimotoish.

I am thankful my turned ankle seems okay, just a little sore, as are my hands (I had to debride them of asphalt pieces myself, ouch, but glad to use my nursing experience ha ha) I am a little worried about the other leg. Crap... I did walk 3 miles (with a few .1 mile run trials in there) today. I figured that was better than nothing. I need to be able to run :(

Oh and I finally broke down and got new running shoes and I flipping hate them. My foot slides around in the toe box so much it starts to burn the ball of my foot. Worst thing is, I usually buy them at Fleet Feet so I can return them, but I was buying a later generation of shoes I already had used and loved so I just used Zappos... Ah well. They ARE super cute.


Ugh. I promise I won't complain so much next post!
I stated doing #PlankADay on twitter, do a one min. plank every day. I am on day 4.  Also now been over 3 weeks without diet coke/ splenda in coffee :)


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Stupid potholes, I am glad your ok

Molly said...

ouch! Glad you're okay!!!