Friday, December 09, 2011

Oh my darling Clementine

One of the BEST things about Christmastime has nothing to do with the holiday, but instead with the season. To me December means CLEMENTINES!

Look at all that goodness- this box is about 1/2 gone already

They try to grow them all year in places like South America and Africa. But the REAL clementines, the BEST clementines, the ones you can peel all in one strip, that my kids BEG for as dessert, come from Spain and surrounding European areas and are in season from the end of Nov. through January

check out the peel- all in one piece, NO SEEDS

We go through a box a week this time of year- good thing they are also almost always on sale this time of year.

Nutritionally they are a great snack (from SparkPeople:)  40 calories, no fat, 1g protein, 200mg potassium,  9 carbs (8 sugars), 2g fiber and 145% of your RDA for vitamin C!

So STOP eating all the cookies and grab a box :)

Have a great weekend, we have 2 parties tomorrow, plus tons of other stuff. Going to squeeze a run in today then finish my cards :)


My Own Calcutta said...

That's Christmas to me too!! In Denmark, when the clemintines break out.. it's Christmas time. Even though it's Feb. i'm still buying them. I'm having one for you right now!

Anonymous said...
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