Sunday, June 26, 2011

Getting the mojo back- TWO exciting things today!!

So I've been in a huge slump lately... minimal workouts, eating horribly, the whole deal. Feeling sorry for myself, etc. etc. BUT in the past couple weeks, I've been feeling more and more like the old me. Eating a bit better (need to do a LOT better, but eh...), back to the gym, etc.  Still not really running though. Some huge mental block going on... until today (no I didn't actually run, ha ha).


Got an email this afternoon telling me it was time to start training for the R and R half... Wait, WHAT? I am not behind?? You mean the beginner program actually doesn't start until July 3rd (18 weeks)?? SIGN. ME. UP.!! Bought their training program. 4 days a week, starts super easy, PERFECT.


Then a few hours later I got an e-mail from the Lowcountry Down syndrome Society (our local group) -- we are going to be an OFFICIAL CHARITY FOR THE MARATHON!!!

What better motivation do I need than to run for my own SON!!!

More details to follow for my local friends who might want to run with us! YAAAAY!!

Spin class in the am :D


Mrs. Cyndi Mullins said...

Good for you, Kristen! I pray that your week will be greatly improved!

Mrs. Cyndi Mullins said...

I mean "Kristin". As someone with a non- standard spelling, you'd think I'd be more careful!

cooler*doula said...

Hmmm. Tendon hasn't hurt for about weeks now... Bring on those training details... Maybe...