Friday, November 12, 2010

Photo Shoot 'em up!

Howdy Strangers!

Well, life got in the way of me chronicling it once again. Had a friend gently remind me about this (thanks Kate) though it is always in the back of my mind. Fall is crazy 'round here, y'all. School starts (3 kids in 3 different schools this year). We've got kids in football, fall baseball, soccer and horseback riding. The Buddy Walk for our Down syndrome group that I do some of the work organizing. Room mom for T's class. Started and completed the couch to 5k program- ran my first 5k. On the committee that organizes inclusion week at T's school. Oh and the laundry. There's always laundry.

Anyway, there are some of my excuses...

Yesterday I took the kids the the beach to have their pictures done for really the first time other than school pics and the Down syndrome group's annual calendar. Not that my kids aren't photographed. Boy howdy are they photographed, I am the one always lugging her camera to every event from the big to the small. However, I've never been one to do the photo's with the giant blocks enumerating which birthday it is, or the Christmas card in front of the fake fireplace. I am not a huge fan of posed shots, and frankly, the thought of getting 3 kids clean, dressed and hair combed in such a fashion that will be immortalized in film overwhelms me. Candids are great because the flaws are embraced, but if you actually PAY someone to do them, somehow that different. People KNOW you knew they were going to be in photos. "Why didn't she get his hair cut" "Why didn't she iron that collar" "Why didn't she push up his sleeves" "Why didn't she wipe his nose". You see the neuroses that are in my brain. I KNOW people don't care. And I KNOW that people who do are not really people I want to have my kids photos displayed in their homes anyway, so I took the plunge. SO yesterday the kids and I headed out the Tybee where they were photographed. I chose a photographer I knew took the type of casually posed photos I love. She has a great artistic eye and I knew our pictures would look not like everyone elses. Even if Thomas' sleeves were not pushed up, Leah Kate's dress was not well ironed and Matthew's fresh haircut was still in his eyes.

Oh and this was my very first "movie" I put together. Expect many others ;)

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